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Behind The Curtain – FAQ
January 27, 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of questions, and we’d figured we put all the answers in one place!

I’d like to book Home Free – where can I get more info?

If your show is in the United States, email our agents at Paradigm Agency at bill@paradigmagency.com orsmalasky@paradigmagency.com.  If your show is outside the United States, email our agent at The Feldman Agency at mills@feldman-agency.com.

How did you all meet?

Chris and Adam started the group back in 2000 along with 3 other guys. Over the years the membership changed until we settled into our current lineup. Rob used to sing with a different a capella group called Four Shadow – when they broke up we called him up in 2008. Tim sang with many other groups over the years so we knew of him by reputation and networked with him online once we knew we needed a new bass in 2009. Austin we met on a cruise ship where he was a principal singer in the production shows in 2012.

How did you get the name Home Free? 

While we’d like to say its a crazy interesting story about our animal spirit guides granting us wisdom and directing us on this path…its actually far more mundane.  One of our founding member’s grandfather was a huge financial supporter of the group early on, and he had a boat named Home Free…so yeah….we’re named after his boat.

Did Adam drive his teachers/parents nuts growing up?

Actually, Adam didn’t really start experimenting with vocal percussion until the group started back in 2000, when he was a freshman in college.

How low/high can Tim sing?

Tims lowest note is roughly the bottom D of the piano. He tops out around an A above the staff.

Do you guys play any instruments too?

Adam was a trumpet performance major in college (which helped a lot with his beatboxing) and is also a solid bass player (and can play some drums) Chris was a piano performance major as well (he taught piano lessons for 15 years!) and can also play bass, guitar, and harmonica. Rob played saxophone in high school before switching over into singing. Tim and Austin can both play piano as well.

Did you go to school for music?

Chris and Adam both attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN for music (piano/vocal and trumpet respectively). Rob attended The University of MN-Duluth for vocal performance. Austin attended Oklahoma City University for musical theatre, and Tim was a pre-dental major in Texas before deciding that maybe music was the better route for him!

Where are you all from?

Chris and Adam are from Mankato, MN. Rob grew up in Brooklyn Park, MN. Austin hails from Tifton, GA and Tim calls Nederland, TX home.

Who arranges your songs?

Chris and Tim do the bulk of our arranging, though its really a group effort. Once we finish the first draft, we then woodshed the songs as a group and tweak it as we go, crafting the finished product.

How can I get some of Home Free’s arrangements?

While we notate out most of our arrangements, for legal reasons we can’t actively promote and sell them. However, if you’re interested to find out more abut them you can email us at theguys@homefreevocalband.com.

How can I get a hold of your previous CDs?

Currently our back catalogue (non-country) is only available digitally athttp://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/HomeFree. As of now there aren’t any plans to restock the physical copies of the cds as the group has changed so much and gone in such a different direction from when they were first done (though they’re still great cds!) that it doesn’t make sense anymore.

Will you send me an autographed photo?

We’re planning to soon have photos available in our store, along with a limited number of signed items, both photos and cds.

Why aren’t you coming to my city!

We’d love to!  There’s a lot of great cities with a lot of great fans, and we’re going to try our best to get to them all eventually, we just haven’t had a chance yet.  Stay tuned!

I want to start a group, where can I go for help?

The Contemporary A cappella Society of America is a fantastic resource for everything a cappella related: www.casa.org There you can find articles, arrangements, forums, workshops, concerts, festivals, and all kinds of other helpful tools to find or start a group, as well as enrich your a cappella knowledge in general.

How old is everyone?

As this number is constantly changing, we’ll just list our birth years to give you a rough idea:

Austin 1986

Rob 1983

Adam 1982

Tim 1981

Chris 1979

Are you all single?

Sorry, no comment!

Does Austin really walk around shirtless all the time?

He sometimes finds clothes restrictive…

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