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Home Free’s Guide to “Don’t It Feel Good” Pre-sales
Home Free’s Guide to “Don’t It Feel Good” Pre-sales
June 6, 2015

Howdy y’all!  Ready for a big day tomorrow?  So are we.

We’ve been getting some questions about tomorrow’s Patreon pre-sales and Monday’s public pre-sales, so wed figure we should offer an FAQ and “How-To” so everyone knows exactly what is going on.

Here we go!

“When can I get tickets?”

Here is the schedule for when you’ll be able to get tickets:

Sunday, June 7, 2015 10am local time – Patreon Pre-sale Begins
– If you’re a Patron, there will be a code online in post.  Go to Patreon.com/HomeFree to check it out.

Monday, June 8, 2015 10am local time – Public Pre-sale Begins
– On Monday, everyone else who is not a Patron will have a chance to get tickets on pre-sale before the general public.  That’s everyone who reads this post, who is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or our mailing list.  Believe us: you’ll hear about it online! 🙂

Friday, June 12, 2015 10am local time – Public On-sale Begins
– This is when the whole world can start buying tickets.  Our team will be taking out ads on the radio, in newspapers, and on TV advertising our shows… so don’t wait til then to buy tickets!

Here is a full list of shows with CrowdSurge pre-sales that begin for Patrons tomorrow, Sunday, June 7 at 10am local time:

Fairbanks, AK *
Fredericton, NB
Toronto, ON
Wilkes Barre, PA
Boston, MA
Verona, NY
New York, NY
Cleveland, OH
Hagerstown, MD
Dayton, OH
Louisville, KY
Morgantown, WV
Joilet, IL
Eau Claire, WI
Nederland, TX
Houston, TX
Abilene, TX
El Paso, TX
San Jose, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Salem, OR
Chico, CA
Colorado Springs, CO
Missoula, MT
Edmonton, AB
Winnipeg, MB
Fargo, ND
Huntsville, AL
Charleston, SC
Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA
Greeneville, TN
Indianapolis, IN

* this show is not a part of the “Don’t It Feel Good” tour; it just happens to be going on pre-sale and on-sale at the same time

Here are dates that are currently on-sale and will not have a pre-sale:

Ottawa, ON (both shows)
Ithaca, NY
Columbus, OH
Heber City, UT

Here are the dates that are not on-sale and will not have a pre-sale:

Green Bay, WI
Morris, MN
Malibu, CA
Medford, OR

Here are the dates that are not on-sale but will have a non-CrowdSurge password protected pre-sale on Monday, June 8, 2015 with code FRIES:

Moncton, NB
Austin, TX
New Orleans, LA

“What is CrowdSurge?  Why are you making me sign up for this?”

We’ve mentioned CrowdSurge a few times and some of you are probably saying, “What the heck are they talking about?”

CrowdSurge is a ticketing and e-commerce platform for artists.  CrowdSurge works with us an our team and the promoters and venues to take an allotment of tickets on consignment and sell it on their platform under our brand and control.  The allotment varies depending on what we’re able to get from venues–but is generally around 10% of the tickets in the room.  In some rooms we were flatly denied tickets or had to move our pre-sale timing a bit to accommodate venue rules, and sometimes that happens.  We fight for tickets and timeline exceptions whenever we can, but sometimes it just isn’t in the cards.

We’ll say this: we know that signing up for new things is a pain.  Ya sign up for a Facebook account, and an email account, and a Twitter account, and Patreon account–it’s endless.  It’s a new thing, and we get that it’s a bit of hassle.

But we think it’s worth it and here is why.

There are a lot of benefits to CrowdSurge: we’re able to offer some of the best seats in the house, we’re able to keep ticketing fees affordable to our fans, and we’re able to do cool  non-tour related things like offer exclusive pre-orders for our new album.

We’ll be above board–this is our first time using a ticketing company like this.  We think it’s going to go well, and you’ll like it, but if it’s not we’ll certainly try new things until we get it right.

Towards the end of this, we’re going to walk through what it’ll be like to buy tickets.  Read on for more information.

“What if the show I want to go to doesn’t have a CrowdSurge pre-sale?  What does that mean?”

For shows and venues where we were absolutely unable to get allotments for CrowdSurge (and there are a few), we were able to ask the venue for a password protected pre-sale.  Ya!

However, we can’t offer the exclusive pre-order or the ability to enter the “Home Free Flyaway Experience” for those shows.  We’re truly sorry–but it is something we fought for and lost.

“I want VIP tickets. What do I need to do? What is included?”

That’s a great question.  Each of our VIP tickets appear as a top level price ticket–they are not “add-on” experiences like some other concerts.  VIP tickets cost in between $100 to $150 depending on where you live, and are in the best seats in the house.  So when you are looking for tickets, look for the best seats and make sure they priced in the $100-$150 range.  If they’re priced around $25 to $35, you’re not buying VIP tickets.

We only have 30 to 50 VIP tickets per show, and once they are sold we don’t add any more.  These are meant to be intimate experiences.

Here is what each VIP ticket contains:

– Concert ticket for some of the best seats in the house
– Pre-show Q&A, photograph, and autograph sessions with the band (begins 2.5 hours prior to showtime)
– Pre-show crowd-free merchandise shopping
– A signed copy of the new Home Free album
– Exclusive show laminate
– Exclusive show poster

Here is one thing to note: for CrowdSurge pre-sales, the allotment of tickets we’re given are broken up between VIP and regular concert tickets.  We typically get about 30 VIP tickets and the rest are regular tickets.  As we said, there’s usually 30-50 VIP tickets for each show, so there’s a good chance VIP will sell out during the Patreon pre-sale and when tickets go on-sale to the general public that more VIPs will open again.

We’ll make a post at the end of the week as to where that is happening so if you miss out in pre-sale you can get them when they open to the public.

This is something that we had to do, because we know some Fries want VIPs and some don’t.  It’s not a perfect solution, but offers something to everyone.

“Alright, I’m fine with the tickets part of this whole.  What about the CD?  I want new music!”

Calm down, calm down!  We want to share the music with you, so we’re offering an exclusive opportunity for CrowdSurge pre-sales to pre-order our new album and get a download link for “Summer in The Country” instantly.

Here’s how it will work: for any CrowdSurge pre-sale, once you get your seats you’ll be taken to a page to add a signed copy of our new album to your cart. Unfortunately, for non-CrowdSurge shows we can’t offer that option.

“You’re not coming to my town, but I still want to the music.  What gives?”

Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to get the music later this summer.  In late July, we’ll be launching a pre-order through our website, and the usual suspects for music these days: iTunes, Amazon, etc.

In the meantime, you can enjoy “Summer in The Country” on YouTube for free!

“My friend and I want to fly to one of your shows.  Is there something you can do?”

Hahaha!  Yes!  There is.

Through our partnership with CrowdSurge, we’re excited to be able to offer the “Home Free Flyaway” Experience.  If you win, we’ll fly you and a friend to one of our shows, have a car pick you up from the airport, put you up in a hotel, get VIP tickets, and you’ll watch the show from the side of the stage!  How cool is that?!?

How can you win?  Well, you need to buy tickets and pre-order tickets on CrowdSurge during the pre-sale, which runs Sunday June 7, 2015 from 10am local time to Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 10pm local time.  You have to buy tickets and pre-order the album.  If you win, we’ll refund the tickets and the pre-order cost.

On Friday, June 12, 2015 at 12pm local time, we’ll announce the winner.

“Ack!  I didn’t get tickets in time and now CrowdSurge is sold out.  What do I do?

We foresaw this problem, and to accommodate it here is what we’re doing.  When we sell through the allotment of the CrowdSurge tickets, our links on our website will quickly point to the venue’s ticketing page.

Starting on Monday, June 8 at 10am local time, we’ve worked with the venue to set up a password-protected pre-sale with code which we’ll publish online here, Facebook, and via our email list on Monday morning.  So, if we sell out of all tickets on Sunday, you might have to wait until Monday morning to purchase using the code.

Unfortunately, once our CrowdSurge allotment is sold out, we can’t offer the pre-order of the new album which means you won’t be able to enter to win the “Home Free Flyaway Experience”… so DON’T WAIT! 🙂

“Alright, fine.  I’m ready to buy tickets and pre-order the album now.  How do we get this done?”

Alright!  Let’s go!

We love pictures, so we thought we’d put some up for y’all to walk through this process.

Step 1: Find your show.  Go to HomeFreeMusic.com/Tour and find your show.  Click on your show.  If you’re a Patron on Sunday morning, you’re going to need a password that is available on Patreon.

Here is an example for a show on November 3 in Missoula, MT:

Home Free 1

Step 2: Get your tickets.  CrowdSurge offers us a “Best Available” option, or an option to select the section you want to purchase tickets in.  It is a bit limited.  For those who want to sit together, we recommend you buy tickets together in the same transaction.  We can’t move you to sit together after the fact.

Home Free 2

Step 3 (Optional)
: Pre-order an autographed copy of our new album.  You want to hear new music, right?  Well here’s your chance.  Pre-order a signed copy of the new album with tickets for $20.00 plus shipping, and we’ll enter you in a chance to win the “Home Free Flyaway Experience”!  You’ll also get a download link to our new song, “Summer in The Country” emailed to you after you check out.

Home Free 3

  Step 4: Sign in to your CrowdSurge account or make one up.  This is quick and painless–we promise!

Home Free 4

Step 5: Put in your payment and shipping information.  Then that’s it–you’re done!

Home Free 5

Phew!  We’re awful windy tonight.  But we think this’ll help y’all, right?

Happy Hunting tomorrow!  We’ll see you on the road!

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