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2nd Chance Flyaway — Next 24 Hours Only!
2nd Chance Flyaway — Next 24 Hours Only!
September 27, 2017

EDIT 4:00pm EDT 9/28: we have extended the Flyaway Contest! Any entries of orders PLACED (i.e. bought) by 11:59pm EDT tonight, September 28, 2017, and submitted to fly@homefreemusic.com by 8:00am EDT on Friday September 29, 2017 will be eligible.

We have some exciting news… we’re neck-and-neck in a race for the Number 1 Country Album right now!  HOLY COW!  We’re almost out of breath just typing this.

The response so far has been incredible, and we’re only here today because of you — our amazing Home Fries, who have bought the album so far.  We’re so grateful to our fans for everything you do.  We’re particularly moved in moments like this.

We’re currently up against Midland and Chris Janson for the chart position for our first week of sales, and #1 is right there within our grasp.  We’re hoping that you can put us over the top, and to do so, we’re going to a 2nd Chance Flyaway Contest!

Here’s how the game is played:

1) Order a copy — either TIMELESS (Deluxe) or TIMELESS (Standard) from iTunes, Amazon MP3, or Google Play between now and tomorrow, Thursday September 28 at 5pm EDT.  That’s right–this is only for the next 24 hours.  The link to buy albums are below.

Download TIMELESS (Deluxe) on iTunes HERE
Download TIMELESS (Deluxe) on Amazon MP3 HERE
Download TIMELESS (Deluxe) on Google Play HERE

Download TIMELESS (Standard) on iTunes HERE
Download TIMELESS (Standard) on Amazon MP3 HERE
Download TIMELESS (Standard) on Google Play HERE

2) If you have already ordered the album through one of the above channels of sale, you’re still eligible to enter the contest. Follow the next step of the contest if you have purchased already.

3) Note: this was edited per our note at 4:00pm EDT on Thursday 9/28. Please take a screen shot of your purchase and email it to fly@homefreemusic.com.  Forwarding email confirmations from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play are acceptable as well. Your purchase time stamp must indicate it was before 11:59pm EDT, or it will not be eligible. You’ll receive an automated response confirming your entry.  If you do not receive an automated response, that is OK; a confirmation is not necessary to participate. The deadline to email will be 8:00am EDT on Friday, September 29, 2017, and your screen shot must show that the album was purchased before 5pm EDT on Thursday, September 28, 2017.

4) There is no limit on the number of entries from purchases.  So if you purchase 6 albums, you’ll be entered 6 times.

5) There is a no-purchase option.  Anyone who signs up for our email list at HomeFreeMusic.com/Newsletter between now and Thursday, September 28 at 5pm EDT will also be entered to win.  The limit is one entry per household with the no-purchase option.

6) Unfortunately, we’re not able to accommodate international Home Fries on this particular contest.  Edit: yes, that does exclude Canada. This contest is only available in the United States. The offer is void where prohibited, and expressly prohibited by the State of Rhode Island.

7) The winner of the contest and a friend will fly you to any show in the Continental United States (Lower 48) between now and January 1, 2019.  Home Free will pick up the tab of (2) round trip coach flights, (2) nights of hotels, will provide transportation gift cards to get to/from the airport/hotel/venue, tickets to the show, and a backstage meet and greet before the show.  The prize is valued at $2,000.00.

8) The winner will be notified on Friday, September 29, as we sound check for our first TIMELESS Tour show in Boise, ID.  Stay tuned for the exact time of the day, but we’ll be notifying this the same fashion as we did the webstore Flyaway for our release shows — on Facebook Live!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email management2@homefreemusic.com.  Please note: any email with a screen shot confirmation of purchase to management2@homefreemusic.com will not be answered or counted.  All screen shots must be sent to fly@homefreemusic.com to be considered.

We think we’ll have a few questions, so we put together an FAQ below.

I already ordered the album from your store… what gives?

We sincerely appreciate you supporting us on our web store.  We’d ordinarily ask our fans to support us there.  However, because we are working in the Billboard / Nielsen system, we are not able to report sales.

iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play reporting to the charts all close tomorrow, Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 11:59pm EDT.  Albums purchased between now and then will count towards the first week sales total, and that will determine our chart position.

So if you haven’t bought the album yet, don’t buy tonight from our store.  Buy from one of the places above!

What else can I do to help move this to Number 1 on the Country Charts?

SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!  Help convince your friends and family to purchase an album, or if they can’t — you can always stream on Spotify.

Streams on Spotify do count for the charts, however, it is at a rate of 1500:1.  So, 1 album = 1500 Spotify streams.  The link to stream Timeless is below.

Stream TIMELESS (Deluxe) on Spotify HERE

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