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VIP Update
VIP Update
May 24, 2017

Howdy, y’all!

We’ve got exciting news coming tomorrow morning… NEW TOUR DATES! We know you’ve got a million questions spinning, and most will be answered tomorrow.

And we have some important information about the VIP experiences that will be happening moving forward.

Of course, we’re really excited to be out on the road this fall. We’ll have new songs, new lights, and new production… It’s going to be a night y’all don’t want to miss!

Being out on the road performing is one of the best parts of our job. We absolutely love it. It’s incredible to see faces light up in the crowd each night. We love seeing you after the show in the signing line.

And we want to put our best foot forward each and every night. Tour life can be a wonderful experience, but exhausting. The demanding schedule leaves little room for personal time, exercise, vocal rest, etc. We’re performing 5, sometimes 6 shows a week. Plus there’s typically press and promotion in each market. Add that to sound check and just general conversation, and you can see how it all adds up to take a toll on our voices.

Health is so important for singers–our instrument is part of our body. And there are no musical instruments, backup singers, or understudies to support us if we are run down.

Our VIP Experiences before the show were always intended to be a small group, but it became so popular that we kept adding more and more spots, so our fans could have the ultimate Home Free experience. As much as we’d love to keep this trend going, we realized with more and more being added, it’s not sustainable for our health in the long run.

And so with that, we have to make some changes to the setup of our VIP Experiences. Today, we’re announcing that we’ll be moving to a program that has two different tiers of VIP Experiences.

The First Tier, what we’re calling “The Ultimate VIP Experience” will only be 10 people and will include:

– Includes front row ticket
– (1) commemorative show VIP lanyard and laminate, (1) show commemorative poster, and (1) Tote Bag
– Individual photo opportunity in front of tour step-and-repeat and with all 5 members of Home Free
– Autograph session with Home Free (no more than 2 items due to timing restrictions)
– Group question and answer with Home Free
– Private performance of (1) song with Home Free
– Crowd-free merchandise shopping

The second tier, what we’re calling a “Q&A Visit with Home Free” will be an additional 40-60 people and will include:

– Includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th row ticket
– (1) commemorative show VIP lanyard and laminate and (1) show commemorative poster
– Group question and answer with Home Free
– Private performance of (1) song with Home Free
– Crowd-free merchandise shopping

We hope that y’all understand where we are coming from, as we would never intentionally disappoint our fans. We’re simply human. This has been an evolving process, and we try to take your feedback earnestly to make this the best experience possible.

Our Star Patrons will be eligible for Ultimate VIP Experiences, however, the seats will be located in the fourth row.

Our Diamond Patrons will be eligible for Q&A Visit with Home Free, however, the seats will be located in the fourth row.

We know there will be questions and concerns, so we’ve put together a short FAQs below that will hopefully help.

Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us. We can’t do it without you. We’re looking forward to a new tour!

Much Love,
Home Free


So you’re telling me we can’t get The Ultimate VIP Experience unless we are a Star Patron?
No! Not at all. The (10) Ultimate VIP Experience tickets are available to everyone. If a Star Patron requests a show, we’d add them to all the pre-show experiences (photos, autographs, etc.), but their seats would be in the 4th Row.

If one person buys The Ultimate VIP and others in the group buy Q&A, can we sit together?
Unfortunately, this is one area in which we are hamstrung by the seating in venues a bit. This is not possible.

By the same token, can Q&A Visitors join me in my photo with the guys?
Unfortunately, no. This wouldn’t be fair, and it opens up a giant swarm of people who might bribe, kiss up, or otherwise swarm Ultimate VIP Experience ticket holders.

For the Ultimate VIP Experience photo, is it BYO camera?

Will we be able to video the Q&A and performance portion of the Q&A Visit with Home Free?
Unfortunately, no. What had started as a something intended to be for just VIPs became something that we had seen all over the internet–in Facebook groups and on YouTube. We want these experiences to be just for the people in attendance, so we will not be allowing video during the Q&A Visit with Home Free.

Will you still be doing signing lines after the show?
Yes! As long as we can. Sometimes either lobby size or travel logistics prevent us from doing so.

When will VIP Tickets go on-sale? Will Patrons have the first crack at getting them?
For the Fall 2017 shows, Patron pre-sales will begin on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 10:00am local. With the exception of the occasions when we are on subscription or there is no VIP, of course. These shows will be subscription series, festivals, or will not have VIP: Pocatello, ID; Lufkin, TX; Hays, KS; Mt. Pleasant, TX; Mesa, AZ.

Is there a way for Diamond ($300) Patrons to upgrade their tickets to an Ultimate VIP Experience?
Unfortunately, no. The tickets for Diamond Patrons are Q&A Visit with Home Free tickets and there is no mechanism to upgrade.

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