Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions! If you don't find the answer you're looking for after reading, please contact us here: [EMAIL]

How to find us:

I want to book Home Free.  How can I bring them to a venue?

If you're a venue or corporate organizer, Home Free is booked exclusively in the US by Paradigm Agency, and outside of the US by Feldman Agency.  To book Home Free for a concert or private event, please email  If you're booking a charity event or a fundraiser, please read on to the next question.

Does Home Free perform for fundraisers or charity events, or ever offer charitable donations?

Unfortunately, no.  We wish we could.  We get hundreds of requests for great events all throughout the world, but our recording, touring, and promotions schedule make it difficult to make these requests a reality.

If you are 501(c)(3) charity, we will always want to help.  We won’t be able to make a monetary donation or appear at an event, but we will do our best to help with a donation of CDs and other merchandise you can use in a silent auction.

If you’re a registered 501(c)(3), please email a solicitation letter, along with paperwork confirming your status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to  Please be sure to include the solicitation letter and paperwork, or we will not be able to help and won’t be able to respond.

If you’re not a registered 501(c)(3) organization, we’re unfortunately unable to help and won’t be able to respond to any emails to

Does Home Free have plans to play in my town?  I want to know!

Well, we hope to play in your town, of course!  But are we able to tell you about where we’ll play… no—that’s not fair to everyone else who is Subscribed to our Newsletter, or is already Liking us on Facebook, or Tracking us on Bandsintown.

To find our current dates, go to  But PLEASE… take 3 quick minutes and help us and you out with 3 quick ways of keeping touch:

Can I meet Home Free at a show?

Sometimes, we're able to offer VIP sessions at shows--which include pre-show sound check visits with Q&As, photos, autographs and limited edition swag.  That's not for every show, and you'd need to check the venue's website to see if it's listed.

Most shows, time and space permitting, we host post-show signing lines, where we'll be out near or next to the merchandise table to say Hello, and to sign merchandise you purchased.  We'll shake your hand, and say Hello, too!  Unfortunately, the post-show signing lines don't have the opportunity for photos, as these lines are long and we want to be respectful of everyone's time.

Well, can I get shout out during a show?

Unfortunately, no.  While our show is often off the cuff, it has a timing and a pacing we have to keep.  So we unfortunately are not able to offer special shout outs during the show.

However, we almost always sign after the show.  So if you want us to say Hello!, come find us near the merchandise table after the show.

How can I get Home Free to play in my home town?

We get this question a TON!  Believe us: we want to play in every town, in every place, all throughout the world.  But we also want to play to full houses because that's a better experience for everyone--for our fans in the seats, for us on stage, and for the promoters who help bring us to the shows.

So how can you get us to play to your home town?  Tell your friends about!  Share our music!  Get them to Like us on Facebook, and get them to track us on Bandsintown, and Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Facebook, Bandsintown, and Newsletter Subscriptions are big data points for our management team, who help tell us where we should play.  Liking on Facebook, Tracking on Bandinstown, and Signing up for the Newsletter are all three equally important—so get your friends to do all of them!  Plus, we have some awesome content you’ll get on all of those things… and they’re FREE.  So why not?

Can I get Home Free arrangements to sing?

Most arrangements are not available due to publishing concerns.  There’s nothing we can do to help.  We have a list of ALL the arrangements that are available for purchase.  If they are not listed below, they are not available.

Can I have some Home Free autographed swag?

We don’t have autograph swag available in our stores, except for times when we have pre-sales for new albums.  That being said, we will almost always sign merchandise at shows!  Come see us after the show.

I have a problem with a merchandise order.  Who can help me?

Our store is run by our management team, and there is a really talented guy named Nicholas who helps with our store. He can help you with refunds, replacements, or any merchandise issues.  Please shoot him an email at

What songs are you going to be perform at any given concert?

We don't release our set lists in advance of performances, unfortunately.  They might change slightly from night to night.

Did we not answer your question? 

Well, shoot a note to, and we'll get back to you with 72 hours.  If we don’t respond, it’s because the answer to your question was in the FAQ above.  We wrote all that out to help you, so we hope you read it!

I'm a Patron and am having issues with payment or my account. Who can help?

If you're a Patron and have issues with your account or your account's payment, please contact Patreon's Support team so that we can directly troubleshoot with you. To do so, Patrons should visit the Patreon Help Center, then scroll down and click "Email Patreon Support."